Publisher: Quinn's Computing

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher

Randomly generate a number between 2 values or roll a 3D dice!

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Note: This version of Dice has been discontinued. To get the latest version of Dice, download it from the Microsoft Store using the button below.

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What's New

Note: This version of Dice has been discontinued. To continue to receive the latest updates, get the Microsoft Store version from here.

Version (Released 3/10/2019)

-You can now use the up and down keys to increase and decrease the maximum and minimum values on the random number generator screen
-Fixed high CPU usage on random number generator screen
-Accessibility improvements
-Tooltips now show on keyboard focus
-Last updated date format now matches your user set format
-Minor UI improvements
-Other minor changes and improvements

Version (Released 30/09/2019)
-Updated to help text on 3D Dice page
-Removed version number from splash screen as it was unnecessary and the splash screen is currently in the process of being redesigned

Version (Released 30/09/2019)
-New icon
-Other minor changes
-App is now in the Microsoft Store!

Version (Released 21/08/2019)
  • Started work for adding 10-Sided dice
  • Added option to switch between dice
  • Updated text for random number generator to better match what it does and to indicate that it is seperate from 3D dice feature
  • New animation to indicate that a random number has been generated
  • Change text highlight colour to appear behind text, rather than slightly opaque on top of text
  • Highlight colour now uses a new gradient in dark theme
  • Text boxes now use light text on dark background in dark mode
  • Removed auto sizing context menu to finger and instead set to fixed bigger size when opened with touch, this was done as not all devices supported reporting touch point size
  • Improved behaviour where context menus appear above finger when opened with touch
  • Title bar improvements
    • Redesigned caption buttons to better match Windows 10, including changing sizes and using new Windows 10 icons
    • Added a Window title to the title bar
  • Improvements to touch interaction
  • About box now uses a new UWP version with fluent design on Windows 10 1903 and later
  • Embedded icon fonts into the app for using modern vector icons on all versions of Windows that the app supports, regardless of whether or not the font is installed on the system
  • Fixed some caption buttons not probably responding to high contrast
  • Fixed a bug where if you deleted a die design from the settings window and clicked no on the confirmation dialog, the die would still get deleted
  • Fixed a bug where if you use touch on the app window, then use a pen the pen cursor would not appear
  • Other bug fixes
  • Other smaller improvements

-Added the online dice option to the 3D dice page - you can now access and download 3D Dice online
-Added the advanced settings dialog, which can be accessed from the about page
-Aboutbox now becomes always on top if the main window is to prevent it from appearing below the window
-Other minor changes and improvements
-Bug fixes

-New instance and help button can now be focused with the keyboard
-Layout fixes for home page

-Die can now be exported and imported, allowing you to create and share your own die (right click or tap and hold on a die on the right dice selection pane to do this).
-Added an option to settings to remove all imported die.
-Added a help and new instance button to the title bar of the app, allowing you to have multiple dice windows at once.
-Added the chocolate die
-Updated 3D dice help
-Other minor changes and improvements
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 21/11/2018)
-Fixed bug resulting in light dice having two six sides and missing a one side until it was selected on the side

Version (Released 20/11/2018)
-Critical fixes

Version (Released 20/11/2018)
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 20/11/2018)

-Added 3D Dice! You can access this by clicking the corresponding button on the home page.
   -3D Dice can be rolled by flicking with mouse or touch screen and by shaking the device if it has an accelerometer and this option is enabled in settings. You can also roll the dice with a button. The speed and randomness of the roll is determined by how long you hold the button.
   -You can change the lighting colour of the 3D dice.
   -3D Dice can be rotated with touchpad, mouse wheel or keyboard after focusing it
   -Added Light, Dark, Transparent, Transparent Dots, Emoji and Faces 6 sided dice. The option to import custom dice is coming soon.
-Updates and fixes to the theming system
-Updated context menu style with dark mode support and UWP style opening animations
-New context menu for textboxes that includes fluent deign blur and dark mode support
-Custom styled caption buttons have been added
-Changed about window to use flat style on Windows 10 and above
-The app window can no longer be moved by dragging the background when maximized. This helps prevent accidental restoring of the window when it's maximized.
-App is no longer clipped off screen when maximised
-Content is no longer pushed up by the touch keyboard for the time being as this iften resulted in content being too small, and was usually not even necessary.
-App will now display a message on home page if an update is available when you open the app
-App will now remember if it was set to always on top
-Shake to roll is now enabled by default
-Other changes and improvments
-Fixed issue where app was now restoring it's remembered window state (maximized or restored)
-Fixed 3D dice button also being considered the default button, resulting in pressing enter simply focusing the roll or 3D dice button
-Other bug fixes

Version (Released 15/11/2018)
-You can now shake your device if it has an accelerometer to roll dice, this feature can be configured in the settings page
-Added a dark theme which is enabled when the system dark theme is
-Added placeholder button for the new 3D Dice Feature that is coming soon
-New fluent design elements for Windows 10
   -Added blur to the background of the app
   -Added blur to background of context menu that appears when you right click/tap and hold on the result
   -Blur out effect when app is exited
   -Transparency effects must be enabled on your system and you must be running Windows 10 in order to see these new effects
-Added about window which can be opened by clicking the app's version in the about page
-Colouring of caption buttons now changes when the app loses focus
-Tweaked size of caption buttons to better match Windows 10
-Touch interaction improvements
-App data can now be reset by holding Ctrl when opening the app or running the app with the 'r' argument
-Other minor changes
-Fixed bug where using the keyboard to navigate back on the about page could result in a blank page being displayed
-Fixed bug where the back button would not return to mouse mode size when tablet mode was exited after it had previously been enabled for the app
-Other bug fixes

Version (Released 28/10/2018)
-The app can once again be installed on versions of Windows below Windows 10 Version 1803 (down to Windows 7 SP1)
-Fixed an issue that caused the app to be pushed up twice as much as it should have when in tablet mode and having the app docked to the right or left of the screen
-Other minor changes

Version (Released 27/10/2018)
-Numeric touch keyboard is now used for the maximum and minimum fields

Version (Released 20/09/2018)
-New copy option when right clicking or pressing and holding on the result
-New animation for when content is pushed up/down to make room for the touch keyboard and the app is maximized
-Touch input improvements, including finger-based UI sizing for the new copy option
-Minor changes to up/down buttons
-Fixed issue that could occur after opening the touch keyboard when the app windows was restored

Version (Released 28/09/2018)
-App now uses .Net Framework 4.7.2
-New improved custom app border and title bar
-App now remembers last minimum and maximum values
-Added up/down buttons for minimum and maximum values
-You can now increase/decrease minimum and maximum values with mouse wheel or touchpad
-Improved DPI scaling support, including addition of per-monitor version 2 support
-Improved loading times
-Other changes and improvements
-Fixed issue where app background would flicker between custom background and theme background when visual styles were disabled but visual themes were off
-Other bug fixes