Name: Six Nights at the Cemetery (Beta)
Publisher: Quinn's Computing

Operating System: Windows 7 or above


Version History (click to download):
   -Fixed 'visit our website' link
   -Added link to download page to about box
   -'An image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel' - look at an Angel too long on the camera and it might appear in your office!
   -Night number now no longer increases when you complete night 7 or above
   -Camera now closes when you run out of power
   -Updated camera buttons, they will now have a red background and white text to indicate that they are selected
   -Improved camera buttons so they better align with the map
   -Added a CAM label above the camera map
   -Fixed Power meter going below 0 when power runs out
   -Difficulty now adjusts automatically depending on night
   -A night is now counted as being complete even if an Angel attacks you during the 6AM sequence
   -Game now records how many times you've beat night 7
   -The camera can no longer be pulled up when an Angel is attacking
   -The colour of the power meter now matches power usage

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