Name: Quick Access Bar
Publisher: Quinn's Computing

Note: If you are upgrading from a version of Quick Access Bar lower than, you might need to uninstall it first before installing this version!

The following prerequisites are required:  

-.NET Framework 4.6.2

These prerequisites will be installed automatically if they are not already installed.

Required OS: Windows 7 SP1 or higher.

What's New in version (Released 11 Febuary 2017):

• Dark theme now applies to Settings and Dialog Boxes.
• Fixed issue where Quick access arrow does not reappear after being expanded via the cursor and then unexpanding again under certain setups.
• You can now use the number keys on the keyboard as well as the number pad to open shortcuts.
• Quick Access Bar now restarts automatically when it crashes.
• Improved keyboard navigation support.
• F1 Key can now be used to access Help & Support.
• About dialog updated.
    ◦Help button added to access Help & Support.
    ◦Other minor improvements.
• New Icon.
• Many behind-the-scenes updates, optimisations and fixes.


What's New in version (Released 3 November 2016):

  • New app style to match Windows 10
  • Custom title bars
  • New font to match the default system font of newer Windows versions
  • Better tablet mode support
    • Bigger buttons in tablet mode
    • Bigger menus in tablet mode
  • Improvements to dark mode and high contrast themes
  • Bug Fixes
    • Quick Access Bar should now be in the correct location after rotating the screen
    • A scrollbar has been added to the error box so that text does not get chopped off
    • Quick Access Bar can no longer be moved using the title bar, previously, attempts to move it with the title bar could cause flickering
  • Other behind-the-scenes changes, improvements and fixes

What's New in version (Released 21 September 2016):
-Fixed a bug where when clicking or tapping on Shortcut 4, an error message is displayed regardless of whether or not the shortcut is successfully opened
-Fixed bug where Quick Access Bar might crash when disabling it from Quick Access Bar Settings.
-Fixed bug where three dots on run button may not be visible.

-Other minor fixes

What's New in version (Released 17 September 2016):
-Support for Windows 10 Dark Mode
-The framework has been updated to enable many improvements, therefor, Quick Access Bar now requires at least Windows 7
-Improved support for tablets
-New update checking system
-New and improved update system
-New Check for Updates Option in Settings
-New theme
-New, more detailed cannot find shortcut error messages
-Fixed bug where cannot find shortcut error messages would not display
-The Quinn's Computing Feedback application is now bundled with Quick Access Bar so you can easily submit feedback.
-Other behind-the-scenes changes and improvements (Released 7 June 2016):

-Support for high DPI scaling

-Other minor design changes

-Click on the version information in Settings for information about automatic updates. A new automatic update system will come in a future update.

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