Name: Remote Control
Shut down, view running apps and even run apps remotely!
Publisher: Quinn's Computing
The following prerequisites are required:
  • .NET Framework 4
  • Windows XP  or later (Some features may not be available on older operating systems.)
Click the install button below to install the prerequisites (if required) and the application.
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Help: In order to allow a computer to be controlled by this app, you may need to allow some items in your firewall settings. There may be additional steps required for Windows 10, information about this will be added soon. If you're still having troubles, contact us. More info will be available soon.

Coming Soon: Remote Registry:

This tab will allow you to remotely change multiple registry values at once on multiple computers.



Version (Released 12/05/2018)

  • Added a new error handler

Version (Released 26/02/2018)

This update includes various optimisations and bug fixes

  • .Net Framework 4 is now required to run the app. You can download version from here if you cannot install .Net Framework 4.

  • Added file transfer tab for transferring files

  • Run tasks now shows you the error message when the task fails to run

  • Added experimental transparent text and transparent background options

  • Removed feedback tab, feedback link now opens the feedback form in your default web browser

  • Other minor changes

  • Bug fixes


Version (Released 18/11/2017)

This update includes various optimisations and bug fixes

  •  Added placeholder tab for remote registry

    • This version contains some code for this tab, however, it is disabled at the moment due to unforeseen issues

  • App

    • App no longer highlights new pages

  • Updated context menu style

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed issue where, if you attempted to run a task on the local computer using run tasks, it would attempt to run it twice and always fail the second time

    • Reset all data button now works

    • Fixed issue where password wouldn't show when show checkbox was checked

  • Changed tabstop order of some controls to a more logical order

  • Added about box that can be opened by clicking/tapping the version information in the about page

  • Information updates

  • Disabled text wrapping for textboxes in run tasks and shutdown & restart pages and textboxes in automatic shutdown wizard

  • Enabled scrollbars for textboxes in run tasks and shutdown & restart pages

  • Corrected font for computers to shutdown textbox in shutdown & restart and username and password textboxes in login information page

  • Updated feedback tab to use the new, touch-optimised input model for Windows 8 and Windows 10

  • Improved DPI scaling on feedback tab

  • Changes to help reduce flickering, such as when switching tabs

  • Added submit feedback button to about page

  • Layout improvements

  • Other minor changes

Version (Released 30/08/2017)

    • New Features
      • Added option to Import/Export lists of computers in Shutdown & Restart, Task Manager and Run Tasks
      • Added option to save/remove username suggestions
      • Added a new feedback tab for providing feedback about the app
    • Automatic Shutdown Wizard
      • The wizard now allows you to specify a user name and password if you specify multiple computers for automatic shutdown removal
      • Option to save list of specified computers
      • Bug fixes
      • Other changes and improvements
    • About
      • Added link to Windows notification settings
    • Bug fixes and other minor changes
    • Coming soon:
      • Remote registry
        • Remotely change registry entries on multiple computers at once
      • Add-ins/custom pages - Create your own pages to the app and customise what they do


Version (Released 15/08/2017)

    • New features
      • Added Automatic Shutdown Wizard
        • This allows you to set up and remove automatic shut down on computers
    • Remote Shutdown
      • Renamed to shutdown
      • Removed help message about logging in to computers using File Explorer
      • Added button to launch the automatic shutdown wizard
      • You can now only enter capital letters into the device names text field - lowercase letters will be converted to uppercase
    • Kill Tasks
      • Renamed to Task Manager
    • Remotely Run Tasks
      • Renamed to Run Tasks
    • Other Tools
      • Fixed bug where link to UWP Remote Desktop app would launch UWP File Explorer or open the app in the store even if it is installed.
    • About
      • Added link to update changelogs
      • Added option to enable and disable notifications when an action completes
      • Added link to Windows 10 notification settings
      • Added a link to send a test notification
      • Layout changes
      • Check for updates
        • Fixed this button, it should now install updates as well as check for them
    • App
      • The app can now display notifications when actions are complete (such as shutting down a computer), this can be enabled in the About page
    • Other minor improvements, changes and fixes


Version (Released 10/08/2017)

    • Added support for allowing tasks to run as any user, which means you can remotely run tasks no matter who's logged on
    • When in desktop mode, view tasks no longer uses custom caption buttons, this makes a much cleaner design
      • The custom buttons are still used in table mode so that the Window doesn't follow the default tablet mode behaviour and maximize automatically (preventing this behaviour allows you to have more than two view tasks Windows visible at once).
    • Browse device now supports multiple computers
    • Layout improvements
    • Other minor improvements, changes and fixes


Version (Released 9/08/2017)

    • New Remotely Run Tasks tab (Windows Vista and above)
      • This new tab allows you to run tasks on computers and even specify arguments
    • Kill Tasks Login Information
      • The login information on this page now applies to Remote Shutdown, Kill Tasks and Remotely Run Tasks
    • Remote Shutdown
      • Re-arranged the Clear button to be consistent with Kill Tasks
    • Kill Tasks
      • Re-arranged the Clear button to be consistent with Remote Shutdown
    • View Tasks
      • Fixed issue where, when the window was resized the restore button would display restore icon if it was restored and maximised icon if it was maximised instead of the other way around.
      • Modified design of caption buttons
      • Window now has a title so it can be found easily when there are multiple Remote Control Windows open
      • You can now choose between table and list view for the list of tasks
      • Table view is the default view again for tasks
    • All pages
      • Minor layout and design changes
    • About
      • Link for help if you cannot manage a remote PC
      • Hidden the exception button (previously 'button14)
      • The text that says that the app updates automatically should now accurately reflect if the app can update automatically
      • New button that allows you to manually check for app updates
    • App
      • Updates to the design of custom context menus for consistency
      • App now highlights new pages
      • Other changes, improvements and fixes throughout the app



Version (Released 7/08/2017)

  • Remote Shutdown
    • Added ability to specify multiple computers
    • Added timer
    • Added message
    • Added support for Restart and Instant Shutdown
    • Added option to force shutdown
    • Added option to choose whether to display output
    • Added clear button to reset all options
    • The app now defaults to the computer it's running on when no computer is specified for shutdown
    • Added warning when you try to shut down the computer the app's running on and an option to enable/disable it
    • New layout
    • Other smaller changes
  • Kill Tasks
    • Added ability to specify multiple computers and multiple tasks
    • Added option to specify tasks by executable name or Process ID
    • Added ability to view tasks of multiple computers at once
    • Added option to choose whether to display output
    • The app now defaults to the computer it's running on when no computer is specified for killing tasks and listing tasks
    • Added option to specify interval before action is performed on each task and computer
    • Added clear button to reset all options
    • New layout
    • When you attempt to use options on this page on the computer the app is running on, you don't need to provide credentials, they are provided automatically.
    • Other smaller changes
  • View tasks
    • Option to filter tasks by executable name
    • Caption buttons are now smaller
    • Redid custom context menu to remove clutter
    • Changed task view layout to make it easier to find information about each task
    • Title now contains name of the computer that the tasks belong to
    • Other smaller changes
  • Login Information
    • Renamed to 'Kill Tasks Logon Information'
    • Saving of username and password should be more reliable
    • Added show password checkbox to show and hide password
    • Other smaller changes
  • Other Tools
    • Added more tools
    • App should no longer crash when a tool can't be opened
    • Other smaller changes
  • About
    • New layout
    • Changed text of the exception test button (button14), this button is used for testing purposes
    • Layout changes
    • Other smaller changes
  • App
    • App should now launch on Windows XP
    • Improved touch keyboard support
    • Most data saves when you close the app and restores when you open it again
    • New always on top checkbox, when checked, the app window will remain on top of other app windows
      • This also applies to view tasks windows
    • Consistent custom context menus
    • Icon now displays in title bar
    • Many bug fixes
    • Cleaned up code




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