Name: Renamer
Publisher: Quinn's Computing

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
The following prerequisites are required:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher
Click/tap the install button below to install the prerequisites (if required) and run the application.

Rename all of the files in a folder with incremental numbers.

This app is also available in the Microsoft Store.

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If you already have the app and receive an error message saying that .Net Framework/system updates when trying to update, simply select the install button above and the installer will install all prerequisites.


What's New:

Version (Released 1/10/2019)
-App now supports .Net Framework 4.7.2 again

Version (Released 28/09/2019)
-New icon

Version (Released 28/09/2019)
-When dark mode is on on Windows 10, the background of the app is now black, rather than gray
-Made some improvements to the UI for touch input
-Layout improvements
-Improved DPI scaling
-Other improvements to the UI
-Bug fixes and other improvements
-Other minor changes
-A new UWP based UI is coming soon

Version (Released 29/11/2018)
-Added icons to and change the size of items in the folders/files combo box
-Fixed an issue that could cause the app not to load the last file path when it is reopened after cancelling an operation or completing an operation

Version (Released 28/10/2018)
-Minor changes

Version (Released 28/10/2018)
-The app can once again be installed on versions of Windows below Windows 10 Version 1803 (down to Windows 7 SP1)

Version (Released (27/10/2018)
-Dynamic DPI scaling improvements for about window

Version (Released (26/10/2018)

-Fixed incorrect naming
-DPI Scaling improvemets
-Fixed issue where about box would loose mouse capture when dragging its DPI scaling level changed (e.g. when dragging between monitors with different DPI scaling levels)

Version (Released 26/10/2018)
-Improved touch keyboard support
   -The appropriate touch keyboard will now show depending on the type of text that is to be entered
-Added a splash screen
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 6/10/2018)
-First release
-Supports renaming files and folders with incrementing numbers
-Per monitor version 2 DPI scaling support
-Touch support
-Dark mode support
-Saves file/folder locations entered and restores when the app is next opened