Name:Power Timer
Publisher:Quinn's Computing

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
The following prerequisites are required:
.Net Framework 4.8

Create a timer to shutdown or sleep your computer and/or send key strokes or even run a program or open a file.


This app available in the Microsoft Store.

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Note: This version of PowerTimer has been discontinued. If you previously downloaded PowerTimer from here you can continue to use it, however, for the latest updates, get the Microsoft Store version from here.

Version (Released 21/11/2019)
-This version of PowerTimer is being discontinued. Download the latest version from the Microsoft Store here.

Version (Released 30/09/2019)
-Minor bug fix

Version (Released 29/09/2019)
-New icon

Version (Released 28/09/2019)
-New UI that is much more touch friendly and makes use of the fluent design (Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903) required to see this new UI)
-App is now available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users, download here:
-App now requires .Net Framework 4.8, this update will be installed automatically when you install the app if it's not already been installed by Windows Update (If you already have the app and receive an error message saying that .Net Framework/system updates when trying to update, simply select the install button above and the installer will install all prerequisites.)
-Added a print option to the keys page
-Other minor changes

Version (Released 24/08/2019)
-Improved colour of key help table text in dark mode to make it more readable
-Fixed custom Windows 10 context menus not showing for text boxes
-Drag to select has been disabled, dragging now scrolls text boxes. Text can be selected by double-tapping words.

Version (Released 25/05/2019)
-Minor fix

Version (Released 5/05/2019)

-Fixed app having no visible border on Windows 10 when the DPI scaling level was 100%

Version (Released 4/05/2019)
-Improvements to user experience including:
   -Better touch interaction support for context menus and tooltips
   -Improved touch keyboard automatic resizing support
   -Fixed touch keyboard automatic resizing for Windows 10 version 1903
   -No more flickering when app first opens while restoring previous size and location 
 -Dark mode for combobox drop down
   -Windows 10 theme improvements
   -Other improvements
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 15/03/2019)
-Fixed issue resulting in app not moving up to make way for touch keyboard
-App is not compatible with .Net Framework 4.7 and 4.7.1 (in addition to .Net Framework 4.7.2)

Version (Released 10/03/2019)
-Updated UI style - this new style makes use of accent colours and more closely matches UWP design. This new design will take effect only on Windows 10
-New custom title bar that includes fluent design shadows, support for dark title bars and support for modern tooltips (including dark theme support). The height of this title bar also matches that of UWP apps.
-New context menu style for Windows 10. This style uses accent colours on Windows 10
-You can now use ctrl+f to find in keyboard shortcuts help
-Other minor changes and improvements

Version (Released 29/12/2018)
-Fixed power action combo box sometimes opening automatically when the app was opened

Version (Released 29/12/2018)
-You can now set a file when the timer ticks
-Updates to dark theme, including addition of dark check boxes and dark tooltips
-Added dark theme support to about window
-Addition of icons to the power options drop down box
-Increased size of power options drop down box items
-Added some fluent design elements
   -Added shadows for time remaining
   -Added blur effects to tooltips (only visible on Windows 10)
-Bug fixes
-Other changes and improvements

Version (Released 3/12/2018)
-Layout and theme changes and fixes
-Other minor changes

Version (Released 28/10/2018)
-The app can once again be installed on versions of Windows below Windows 10 Version 1803 (down to Windows 7 SP1)
-Other minor changes and improvements

Version (Released 27/10/2018)
-New splash screen
-New DPI changing fade animation
-Improved quality of text in certain UI elements
-Fixed text disappearing in about window when its DPI scaling level changes
-Added a more apps link to the about window

Version (Released 28/09/2018)
-Addressed issue causing text to disappear on the about window when it was dragged between monitors with different DPI Scaling levels
-Fixed DPI scaling issues caused when the about window was opened on a monitor other than the primary monitor
-Disabled various web navigation keyboard shortcuts on the help page

Version (Released 28/09/2018)
-The 'press the following key' textbox can now be scrolled horizontally using horizontal scrolling
-Per monitor version 2 DPI support
-Removed web page context menu from help page viewer and replaced it with text selection one
-Colour mode is now set straight away when the app is opned
-Made the keyboard focus rectangle easier to see for some controls
-Improved support for user-set fonts and font sizes
-The help page's font and the about window's font now reflect system fonts and font sizes
-Fixed issues with saving and retrieving of the action to perform when timer is up drop down box value
-Fixed some layout issues
-Fixed incorrect version number
-Other minor changes and improvements

Version (Released 8/04/2018)
-Fixed issue where data (such as saved time and action) wouldn't save when you exited the app

What's New in Version (Released 7/04/2018)
-New animation when the start button is clicked
-New what's new button that takes you to this page
-New icon for about button
-Timer, action and keys to send now save and restore when you exit and reopen the app
-Layout improvements
-Updates to theming and styling system
-Other changes and improvements

What's New in Version
-You can now set the app to send keystrokes when the countdown concludes
-You can set the app not to do anything when the countdown concludes, if you want to just send a keystroke
-New help page for keystrokes option

What's New in Version
-Updated style and styling system
-Minor design changes
-Minor behind the scenes changs
-Information updates
-Bug fixes
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