Name: YouTube Mini Player
Publisher: Quinn's Computing 2017 - 2019

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
Watch YouTube videos in mini view/picture-in-picture.

The latest version of this app is available on the MacOS App Store and the Windows Microsoft Store.

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What's New:

Note: This version of YouTube Mini Player has been discontinued. To continue to receive the latest updates, get the Microsoft Store version from here.

Version (Released 13/11/2019)
-General improvements to the user experience.
-Title bar is no longer focusable and now longer has the drag cursor. This is to make it look and act more like a normal title bar.
-About box now uses a black background in dark mode instead of grey.
-Fixed some issues with theming and app border.
-Fixed an issue where the app could crash when you selected the 'Open last video' option.
-Fixed bug that could cause incorrect colours in the about box in older versions of Windows
-Other bug fixes.
-App is now paid and only available on the Microsoft Store. If you already got it from this site, you can continue to use it and receive updates for now. This may change in the future.

Version (Released 24/05/2019)
-Fixed bug that could cause the app to crash on launch when opened with a YouTube video
-Started work on space to pause feature which will allow videos to be pause with the space bar no matter what UI element is focused
 -To trial this feature, type "SpacePause = True" into the change video text box. Note: This feature is experimental and no visual indication will show when   it is enabled

Version (Released 1/05/2019)
-Minor fix

Version (Released 1/05/2019)
-Fixed highlight colour being same as background in message boxes
-Disabled navigation sounds

Version (Released 1/05/2019)
-Minor fix

Version (Released 30/04/2019)
-New UI for menu and title bar that makes use of fluent design
-Acrylic blur effects on tooltips
-New modern icons for menu
-New menu can be scrolled with touch, mousewheel and touchpad
-Integration with Windows 10 media controls, you can see these controls when a video is playing in YouTubeMiniPlayer and you change the volume via volume buttons/keys or press a media button on your keyboard
-Due to integration with Windows 10 media controls, media keys on your keyboard can now be used to control YouTubeMiniPlayer
-More controls in taskbar thumbnail preview
-Better Google Account integration. It is now easier to sign in and out of your Google Account from the menu
-Improved video chaning UI - text box for entering video URL/ID can now be scrolled with touch and mouse/touchpad, it also has a new context menu featuring new options and fluent design. This new menu also has better touch support.
-New paste and go option in video URL/ID text box
-When dragging in a video or opening a video using means other than the enter video URL/ID text box, video URL/ID will be entered into that text box
-When using the touch keyboard to enter text into change video URL text box, touch keyboard will now be optimised for URL input
-Video title is now shown in app title
-Dark theme now applies to welcome, error and other pages
-Dark theme now applies to tooltips
-Red text highlight colour
-New splash screen
-You can now drop videos anywhere, not just the title bar
-More tooltips
-Changes to welcome/help information
-New option to automatically hide video suggestions
-App is more responsive to custom fonts and text sizes
-Added support for showing tooltips on keyboard navigation on supported systems
-New animations
   -New full screen animation
   -New change video URL/ID text box animation
   -New load animation
   -Note: These animations will not play if you have animations disabled within Windows
-New home option under navigation
-Opacity text box now uses numberic input for touch keyboard
-New keyboard shortcut: Alt + M for opening menu
-Fixed various keyboard shortcuts not working correctly
-App now runs on .Net Framework 4.8, 4.7.1 and 4.7 in addition to 4.7.2
-Bug fixes and other improvements

Version (Released 10/03/2019)
-Minor changes
-A big update with a major UI upgrade featuring some fluent design elements is on the way

Version (Released 30/01/2019)
-Added a more apps link to the about window
-Added workaround for a bug introduced in a Windows update that results in some controls loosing their visual styles
-Added more tooltips
-Video is now focused when minimse button is pressed
-Minimise and close buttons can no longer be focused
-Other minor changes
-Added support for .Net Framework 4.8

Version (Released 16/12/2018)
-App window no longer loads at last position, the position is now choosen the position automatically
-Improvements to default app size
-Other minor changes and fixes

Version (Released 16/12/2018)
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 14/12/2018)
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 13/12/2018)
-Added icon to help item in menu
-Bug fixes
-Other minor changes

Version (Released 27/10/2018)
-Made changes to make the app installable on versions of Windows below Windows 10 Version 1803 (April Update) again

Version (Released 6/10/2018)
-App now requires .Net Framework version 4.7.2. This will be installed automatically if it is not already when the app's installer (accessible via the install button above) is run.
-The app now suggest recent videos when typing into the video ID/URL box
-You can now reopen the last video that was played in the app from the home page
-Added pause button to taskbar thumbnail
-UI Improvements
   -Support for system fonts and font sizes
   -Changed app border to provide a similar look to the app
   -The app title/menu bar colours now change when the window looses focus, to make it more clear whether the app has focus.
   -Some of the title/menu bar commands can now be interacted with while a dialog box is open.
   -Added an option to paste from clipboard history in Windows 10 October update to custom text box context menu
   -Improvements to context menu layout
   -Other UI improvements
-Video suggestions that are shown when the video is paused are now hidden. This feature is sill experimental and doesn't always work, an item has been added to the video controls menu that allows you to forcefully hide these.
-Ctrl + O now brings up the video ID/URL screen
-You can now enter URLs with time information and the video will play from that time.
   -Fixed issue where a dialog prompting you to choose an app to open an 'about' in would appear when loading a video.
   -Fixed issue where some context menu items were not correctly sized.
   -Fixed some typos.
   -Many other bug fixes
-Many other improvements and fixes

Known Issues
   -The app may crash when opened while Windows Explorer shell is not. To fix, either open Windows Explorer shell or close all Windows Explorer processes

-Improved system menu support, it can now be launched normally, as with any other window
-Added full screen option to system menu
-More Windows logo key + arrow keyboard shortcuts can now be used
-App now moves up if focused content is covered by the touch keyboard when in windowed mode
-Fixed transparent on move/resize option not working
-Other minor improvements

Version (Released 7/04/2018)
-Alt + Space keyboard shortcut now works when the video/main area of the app or a custom message box's content is in focus
The F and F11 keys can now be used to enter full screen mode. View Keyboard Shortcuts
-Added various tooltips for title bar buttons
-Other minor changes and improvements

Version (Released 23/03/2018)
-New features and redesigns
   -New fullscreen mode
   -New Google account sign in experience - a sign in to Google account option will appear in the menu when you're not signed in, this option allows you to sign in directly from the app
   -Redesigned the layout of the drop down menu
   -The drop down menu now appears underneath and to the left of the drop down button
   -New fade in animation when opening the app window and fade out aimation when closing the app window
   -New color for YouTube red theme
   -Made lots of fonts in the app bold
   -New interface for changing video
   -New custom message box
      -Most message boxes have been replaced with this
      -This new custom message box is better touch optimized, including improved touch text selection and appears within the app window and uses the same colors as the app
   -New custom context menus
      -Items in these menus increase their size in tablet mode, to make them better touch optimised
   -New interface for videos that want to open in a new tab - you can now choose to open the video in the app, in a new instance of the app or in your defualt browser
-Other changes
   -Rather than a the move icon, the app now displays its title, the icon was confusing as it did not much look like a move icon
   -New option in the drop down menu to disable/enable making the window transparent when resizing/moving
   -You can now access the app's system menu with Alt + Space - this allows you to resize the app with just the keyboard, something you could not do previously
   -Updated app home page
   -Other changes and improvements
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 12/1/2018)
-New interface for changing video
-You can now enter a URL to a YouTube video, a short link to a YouTube video or a video ID to open a video
-New panel for dropping YouTube video links to
-New loading page that appears when loading videos
-Other behind the scenes improvements

Version (Released 17/12/2017)
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 17/12/2017)
-Added compatible with .Net Framework 4.7.1
-Fixed issue where content would be chopped off depending on screen resolution and DPI scaling
-Window now becomes transparent when moving or resizing (this can be disabled here)
-Other minor changes

Version (Released 16/12/2017)

-Added Help item to menu that takes you to online help for the app
-Added more keyboard shortcuts
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 15/12/2017)
   -App now updates colour theme automatically
   -App now respects all high contrast colours and no longer forces parts of its theme when high contrast is enabled
   -Behind the scenes changes that should improve performance
   -Links now open in your defualt browser, rather than always opening in Internet Explorer
   -Other improvements and changes
-Title Bar
   -Added go foward 5 seconds and go back 5 seconds buttons
      -This is useful if you don't have a keyboard connected and therefore, can't use the left and right arrow keys to skip forward and back
      -If you right click or tap and hold on these buttons you can go back/foward 10 seconds
   -Added play/pause button
      -You can right click or tap and hold on this button to advance by one frame when the video is paused
    -You can now move the player window with the arrow keys when the move button is selected
       -This allows you to move the window with just a keyboard
   -Move button now doesn't fully collapse when the window gets too small. The only button that can cause it to collapse is the close button
   -When a video attempts to open in a new tab/window, you will now have the option of opening it in your default browser or the app
   -Keyboard shortcuts
      -You can now use the play/pause button on your keyboard to play/pause the video
   -Menu now uses system menu font
   -Added icons to many of the items in the menu
   -New items
      -Go forward 5 seconds
      -Go back 5 seconds
      -Mute/unmute volume
      -Increase and decrease volume
      -Go to next and previous video in playlist
      -Increase and decrease speed
      -Copy link to video
      -Copy video ID
-You can now open videos using their URL  from the command line paramaters
-Security improvements
-Other improvements and changes

Version (Released 10/11/2017)
YouTube player improvements
Improved Touch Support
     -'Tap to select' text selection experience for touch, rather than drag to select
      -Better zooming exprience for touch
      -Other touch improvements
   -Other improvements
-Better DPI scaling support
-Larger font sizes
-Font and DPI optimisations
-Drag an drop support
   -You can now drag and drop video IDs onto the app to play them
-Theme now applies to menu
-YouTube account option in menu
-Feedback option in menu
-Increased size of video ID textbox
-Fixed issue where extra space might appear at the bottom of the window
-Other changes and improvements

Version (Released 7/11/2017)
-Minor changes

Version (Released 7/11/2017)
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 6/11/2017)
-New red style for light mode
-Bug fixes

Version (Released 5/11/2017)
-Initial release
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