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Site News:

New! This site now supports dark mode! Various pages will now show in dark mode if you have it enabled on your system. Not all pages support this just yet.

We're running a giveaway for DrawBall on IndieDB this Saturday! There are 100 free copies of the game to be won! Click here to enter!

Check out our new game for Windows, DrawBall - Use ink to guide each ball into a hole!

Check out our new website, Quinn's Coding Guides.

Check out our new app, Codly!

Digitalise your vouchers and gift cards with our new iPhone app, Vouchify!

50% off PowerTimer Remove Ads from Saturday 10th October to Saturday 17th October.

Check out our new app, ModernRun!

We now have a new website URL: https://quinnscomputing.com and a new support email address: support@quinnscomputing.com

100% off some of our paid Microsoft Store Apps! Click here on a Windows 10 PC to have a look.

Some of our apps are now in the Microsoft Store! Click here on a Windows 10 PC to have a look.

Update - Project links now open in a new tab, also added a new app, RunManager.

You can now set your colour mode in Windows 10 based on sunset/sunrise using AutoColourMode!

A big update for YouTubeMiniPlayer is now out!

Coming soon: Six Nights at the Cemetery - download the demo here.

Update - Projects now have tooltips!

Our Dice app is now actually a dice! You can now roll a 3D 6-sided dice with the app! Download it here.

Check out our new app, Renamer, that allows you to rename all of the files or folders in a folder at once with incrementing numbers included in the name!

Check out our new app, Opener, that allows you to open all of the files in a folder at once!

Update - Bug fixes, other minor changes

Update - Bug fixes, added our new PowerTimer app.

Check out version 4 of our Dice app.

Check out version 1.1 of AutoColorMode.

Update - New help articles have been added to help.

Check out our new apps, YouTube Mini Player and AutoColourMode

Update - Bug fixes and layout improvements, we also now use Segoe UI by default for all app pages.

Remote Control should be back in Projects > Tools now!

Update - Added descriptions and alternative text for items in projects and made some other minor changes & fixes

The help page should now work!

We've recently released some updates to Remote Control, adding support for multiple computers and remotely running tasks!

Remote Control is now accessible via this site!

Wii Desktop Beta 13 is now out!

We now have a new projects page for our software!

We added a favicon for this website, it'll show up in places such as next to the tab name in in your bookmarks.

Help is now available in the Help tab!

Check out our new icon!

Welcome to version 4.1 of this site, this version brings a new, cleaner modern design!
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